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Ethan Allen Beds

Why would you choose Ethan Allen beds when other bed suppliers are plentiful and on the whole are probably cheaper? They may not be the cheapest but at the same time you do not need to be a lottery winner to afford the luxury and quality of these beautiful beds.

Quite simply Ethan Allen beds can distinguish themselves in a competitive market because they give attention to detail where other manufacturers show a lack of. They have done this consistently for many years. Moreover, no company or manufacturer will survive unless they are reputable, and Ethan Allen is doing everything right to earn their customers' trust.

Bed Styles
If you take the Maison in Ethan Allen beds range, you will see a charming bed constructed to a very high standard. Not only does this bed look good but it is solid in its construction, just as the other beds in a vast range that the manufacturer can supply.

For a traditional old British design take a look at the British Classics Montego Canopy bed. The traditional four post bed would look fantastic in any home. The real beauty in this type of bed is that you can add any drape or net to suit your own taste. Perhaps this bed could be the centerpiece for your home and all other furniture you have would have to be bought to match this fantastic bed from the Ethan Allen beds range.

With a more modern feel you could do worse than to choose the horizons studio style of Ethan Allen beds. This bed is a true wonder of modern contemporary furniture items and this bed has the added benefit of side panels. These side panel draws look and feel as they should be here. Often when side drawers are placed next to a bed, they look vulgar and of bad taste especially if they are a colour shade different.

My personal favourite in this great bed range is the Townhouse Wentworth bed. I just love the solid wooden construction that you can see is built with strength in mind. The shape of the headboard and footboard on this bed gives a look of true artistic flair. This bed would grace any home, whether you want a modern or old traditional feel.

Beds for the Kids
Within the vast range of beds from Ethan Allen, children have not been forgotten. In fact, you could say children have been spoilt with these beds. One to consider here is the new Tango Twin-to-full Extension. This bed is fantastic for kids. It is a bunk bed with the difference that the lower bed is a double bed, then kids climb the robust ladder way up to the single bed area. Imagine the sleep overs your kids could have.

While we are on kids bunk beds, within the range is another bunk bed but this time, is comprises of two singles. The bed is constructed just as you would expect, to a very high standard, a standard we have come to expect from this range of beds.

The greatest part about owning an bed from Ethan Allen is simply the quality of the mattress. Not only do the beds look good but you can guarantee a good night’s sleep as well. It is always important to get a good night’s sleep. The biggest reason of a bad night sleep is simply because of an uncomfortable bed and mattress.

Ethan Allen beds have been around since the early 1930s. As you would expect after all these years of experience, the company has made furniture and bed manufacturing into a second nature. A name synonymous with high class furniture and beds, as it has been for many years, is a real name to trust. You can find the best deals on these high quality beds among retailers online.